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Speculation grows Meghan Markle's wedding dress could be a 'racy' Israeli-designed outfit

Sas Times

From Queen Victoria to Catherine Middleton royal brides have made a point of wearing wedding dresses designed by the best British designers of the day.

But it looks as if Meghan Markle may be about to break with tradition, this time by selecting an outfit crafted by a foreign designer.

The Israeli designer Inbal Dror has been asked to submit designs for the dress to be worn by the American actress when she marries Prince Harry on May 19 next year.

Preliminary sketches submitted by Miss Dror have already emerged, and if they are anything to go by, Miss Markel’s bridal gown is likely to be a marriage of tradition and modernity.

The 41 year-old is known for the long trains on her dresses – and if she incorporates one into the actresses’ outfit it will no doubt be interpreted as recalling the long train worn by Harry’s mother Diana, when she married Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral in July 1981.


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